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I used Velour Card from the Dakota Pastel sample pack. Very odd surface. It really took the pigment. When layering color I had to be very soft-handed or the layer would completely cover what was there before. The pro was that it really accepted the color beautifully. Velour Board from Dakota Pastel’s sample pack. Blue Earth pastels, Nomad Set.

Daily Habit

I want to improve my work, learn to draw better, and create a stronger creative life. I’ve joined an online class to learn pastels that starts at the very beginning learning materials and processes. I have made a commitment to myself to paint something every day. May not be art or anything I’d frame but a painting a day as I work through this course material. I listened to a free tutorial this morning where the host said when she started a daily practice she posted it on her blog for accountability. That is very scary. First because my initial paintings will not be anything I’m particularly proud of and second, if I don’t paint one day everyone will know. But, I guess that is accountability so here goes. Painting one, an apple.