Crab boat, Knapp Narrows

The more I research the bay the more I fall in love with it. I’ve been returning to Tilghman Island a few times a year to explore Poplar Island. One afternoon I was eating lunch in a restaurant in Knapp Narrows and this was the scene I was seeing throughout my lunch.
I’m learning to paint the bay and all the lovely boats and birds that inhabit it. It’s a slow process. As my instructor said during the last class “ it takes a long time to learn the skills to do what you want”. Indeed it does.

Uart 400 and a myriad of soft pastels.


I’m running a little behind trying to get my head around landscapes. I’m pretty pleased with this one but there are things I may change. Here it is for now.

White Pitcher

Still my first lesson. White pitcher on Richardson Premium paper with Blue Earth and Diane Townsend terrages pastels