Mending the Divide

I started working with encaustic medium, pigments suspended in bees wax, a few years ago. I loved how the material cooled quickly allowing me to build up colors. With encaustic, the layers can be translucent and the texture develops as the material is applied over and over areas of the board. As I explored this medium, I began to visualize emotions I’ve felt over my lifetime and put them into the work. I thought about how we divide ourselves by the way we look, the way we speak, or the neighborhoods in which we live. Those ideas became the work I was creating. I wanted to visually create the feelings I experienced when I thought of those separations.

Everyone brings their own life experiences with them as they view any artwork. Each of us will look at this series of paintings through a unique lens. It’s my hope that they will touch you and spark discussions that help us mend divides and discover our common threads.